Shirali Dayaan

Raena Shirali | dayaan summoning magic

“were granted autopsy, autonomy—if at our core we weren’t all
red, red, red—if i chant her name under a thatched roof—if i burn”


Hannah Beresford | Two Poems

“He continued carefully, pretending not to notice the distortion.
I’m trying to decide how much to tip, he said, and smiled
an apologetic sideways—guiding me on his arm from the eclipse,
like their nests were not spun in my throat.”


Allison Grimaldi Donahue | Alone Time

“Do you think Don Mario does his own shopping or do you think one of the ladies does it for him?” Matteo asked her in one gasping breath. She used to try and humor him, to placate his constant questions- now she just gave him an incredulous look and said, “No.”


Emily Jungmin Yoon | Anamnesis

“On a bleak Saturday, I was sitting in the kitchen, picturing my mother cleaning an octopus and thinking, If she doesn’t come back today, this is where I’ll sit and picture my mother clean an octopus.”



Joy Priest | Two Poems

“me now rolling in
my own lushness Naked neck
bowing suddenly

upward parting mouth slick slit
dripping a thick symphony”


Interview | Derrick Austin

“Yes, I’m thinking about me and manners and how that works in the book. It’s so opposite of what I’m trying to do in a way, and yet it’s still there. One reason I like poems so much is people can be evil, and bitchy, and still very polite! It’s my favorite thing!”


Victoria Kornick | Temps

“In the beginning, people recognized each other by their hands:
a man held his up, found someone whose hand was smaller, and asked them to dance.”


Andrew F. Sullivan | Asbestos Gardens

“The money is mainly in twenties. Cheese Watkins’ daddy licks his thumb and counts it right there at the window. He doesn’t even look at Cheese, just counts the money. Cheese’s momma was right about the old man. He is a cancer. Not like the horoscope crab, no, more like the one inside her belly, burning right through it like a dry fire. Like an old coal gone hot when no one was looking. Cheese is a Gemini, so he is always looking for his other half in the mirror.”


Genevieve Hudson | Skatepark

“Day light savings had just come, so the sun stayed above the horizon long after it should have. The sky was ultramarine at its edges. Almost cadmium. The color spread across the city line. A light explosion, Diego called it. I said it was just pollution. The orange ball of setting in the sky burned and glowed and drew our eyes to it. I watched the sun as Diego offered me some Skittles and patted the pavement next to him like – sit down?”

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Ekaterina Taratuta | The Book of One Hundred Minutes and a Minute

“One’s sight is never sated by the spectacle of a cathedral, since a cathedral never ceases to speak to man. And no matter how frightful certain words are, as long as we can still hear them the worst has not yet come to pass.”

Franco copy

Tanis Franco | projections

 “on second thought i tried something that was not. i brought my camera thinking i would take beautiful pictures, it was a place to take beautiful pictures. i felt a need to try and capture these.”

Interview | Chloe Caldwell

I make the majority of my friends through my books, which has its pros and cons. Since I published my first book at 25, it’s become a habit for me. My life is overflowing with women from the classes I teach, readings I attend, and who I reach out to/who reaches out to me via email. It’s the richest part of my life, currently.


Alexander Carey | The Line (excerpt)

“‘Nobody drives drunk,’ Joey’s dad said to the crowd through a children’s karaoke mic. He held some bowling trophy he’d won. ‘All keys come to the key-master.’ He passed his trophy-bowl around like the collection plate at church.”