Day: 3 February 2020

Kirwyn Sutherland

I have too much good in me to want the police officer’s gun but I imagine becoming my visions and then again what good would that do and then again why do I have to be good?

Bronwen Brenner

Did you know that most corals are neither male nor female? You too, stone. Stone coral, so stony in your corallite, so skeletal in your hunger, so red / red / red.

J. David

My grandmother traded her sanity for the freedom of inescapable things. The helix my / mother builds for me shares her disappearances. It is the reason I fear the faces of my own future children

Liza Sparks

lest we forget the malleability of the human body the seriousness of play/when I was small I pressed my face against the car window attempting

Priyanka Yap

for: weirdos, freaks, math whizzes, candy-sniffers, burrito-makers,
lunch-queers, pep aliens & any other creature unnamed on the outside looking in