Applebees sits on Surf Avenue
Checkers coming soon

Screwed to a boarded up lot
Not far from where the original Luna Park stood

“The Heart of—somehow
Hooters didnt make the cut for Surf Avenue

Its Sugar features a giant
blond plump lips parted, sucking a lollipop

where Hendersons Music Hall
stood less than three years ago. Ghosts

of the Marx Bros
and Cary Grant surround

its brick facade and gone
is the interior bar called Velocity

stuck for a moment. The cameras
film everything

The sticking points. The body motions.
Motives. Limbs together. Lips apart

Liminal. Greased up skin tanning on
beach chairs in front of Rubys Bar and grill

Or snakes serpentine around shirtless bodies. $5
for a photograph with a snake around your neck

Bodies in sand intertwine.
Asleep. Awake. The waves

Architectural lattice work and surprising
intersections of roller coasters

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AMANDA DEUTCH is the author of six chapbooks. Her most recent chapbook, Surf Avenue and 29th Street, Coney Island, is forthcoming from Propolis Press in 2018. Her poems are featured or forthcoming in The New York Times, The Rumpus, Cimarron Review, Public Pool, Black Earth Institute, and Cosmonauts Avenue. A three-time awardee of a Community Arts Grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council, she has been a writer-in-residence at The Betsy Hotel (Miami) and Footpaths to Creativity (Azores). A born and raised New Yorker, she lives in Brooklyn.