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I was capsized on a desert island / Parched and hallucinating / When I saw your cock


I saw your cock
Coming over the hillside
Drenched in gold and sunrise red
Broad shouldered with that noble chin
I saw your cock ride in
On his steed
The horse’s hooves making way
Bending the daffodils
To the east and west

He came swiftly
and he came quietly
All the way down
To my lazy river bed
Galloping into my mouth


I saw your cock
Blossom out of your father’s
Southern mud
I saw the dark and stick and swallow
Of the swamp
Purge him like a prayer out of the earth
Out of the pulsing whisper of the marsh
I saw him open his eyes for the first time
Tree trunk brown and gator green
I saw him see me
Head cocked to one side
His mouth open
Spilling out your mother’s tongue

He asked me if I believed in miracles
If I’d ever witnessed a resurrection
If I knew the swamp could grant wishes
If you were quiet enough
If you were a good girl
I saw your cock blossom like a golden club
Out of the bayou
And nestle
Deep into the palms of my hands


I was capsized on a desert island
Parched and hallucinating
When I saw your cock
Made him out
The tip of his head rustling
Beneath the surface of my bedsheets
Thrusting out of the murky deep
Like a trident
Or a lost nation
Coming up from under the salt and sweat of our lovemaking
A breaching whale
A God in disguise
I saw Him
And I heard His mating call
With prescient ears

The evening tides gave me their blessing
Understanding the pull of love’s fishing rod
And I waded
With fingers feathering the water’s surface
I waded
A wet, fertile dandelion
Singing an ancient song
Crooning higher than the high noon
A serenade so sweet
Suns sat down to listen

I came for your cock
Like a buoying salt crystal
Born from my own deep
From the give and thrust of want
How I glistened
Carrying His name in the cradle of my tongue
Pulling Him into me
Pulled in return
I met your cock in the pulsing center of a pendulum
In the center of our merging afterbirths
In a pool of humming light

I gave him cowry shells the color of milk
Their laughter rattling in my palms
And in return
For each grinning tooth
He gave me
A warm


I saw your cock
After you finished fucking me
Like a vision
When I turned around to look at you
With your hands behind your head
And your broad shoulders
And your rippling biceps
And your smug grin
And your cock was erect
And brown like you
And it was so

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